We promote social awareness amongst Nigerian through putting together events and educational  programs. We are commissioned to empower the youths and encourage Nigerians to have the right  mind-set. For as a man think in his heart, so is he.  Social consciousness brings moral implications. Often, people with an awakened consciousness become  socially active. A socially conscious person tends to be empathetic towards others regardless of race,  gender, ethnicity, disability, class, or sexual identity. We operate on AWAKENED level of social consciousness. we explores alternatives to the dominant  cultural viewpoint.  THE GREEN R' NIGERIA is a Non-Governmental Organization of men and women that believe in GOOD  People and GREAT Nation. NIGERIA. The New Nigeria. The GREENLAND. We are agents of Change and  Regeneration. PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE, PEACEFUL AND PATRIOTIC NIGERIANS. do the GREEN thing. We have to believe in ourselves, develop attitudinal change, embrace character re-orientation and  have a new hope and spirit of patriotism. By so doing, our people will begin to take positive, productive peaceful and patriotic actions that will  ensure Change and regeneration in Nigeria.   Building the people that will build the NATION. Building the people that will build the NATION.
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